Kinei's Profile

    D.G. Kinei Garment Co,. Ltd  is located in Luwu Industrial Zone, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and it’s a processing factory of Sincere HK Trading Co., Ltd.

    Over the past decade, Sincere HK Trading Co., Ltd. insisted on“Quality first and punctual delivery” for Japanese enterprises, and Kinei as a subsidiary,naturally operated with this concept. No matter hardware facilities or management measures, Kinei built it all according to Japanese enterprises’ standard of high quality and high efficiency.

    In order to meet the needs of the clients, Kinei provides the best proposals and suggestions forthe clients with their 10 years’ experience and professional perspective, so to ensure quality and delivery. Kinei also hope to continue to win the trust and support of the clients.

    Kinei mainly produces elastic garments (swim suits, sports suits, yoga & fitness suits), exporting to Japan, Europe and America, while taking into account China’s domestic sales and international e-commerce.

    As a mother company, Sincere HK Trading Co,. Ltd. currently targets on worldwide exporting sales and Hong Kong markets by selling elastic garments (swim suits and yoga & fitness suits) and beach outfits(goggles, beach shorts and beach sandals).The main processing brands are Disney, Barbie, Thomas.